Babysitting commonly refers to the act of taking care of a child on behalf of the parent. Baby sitters are therefore the people in charge of the babies. They do mind the children’s safety, happiness and welfare in the home where the parents are not. Although Professional babysitting is a new phenomenon in Africa, Parents today are searching for loyal, trustworthy and responsible people to look after their children. This has been caused by the increasing cases where parents have found their children deserted in the home, burnt and in some cases disappeared. Finding a good babysitter therefore involves a lot of effort and time. The affected parents have resorted to taking their children to child care centers, grand parents and a few opt to stay home and look after the children.

Tips on how to manage your babysitter
After identifying a babysitter,
•    Set the rules and obligations.
•    Outline your expectations, salary and leave days.
•    Always review the babysitter and ask how s/he is finding the work.
•    Watch your babysitter’s interaction with your child.
Paying your babysitter does not mean mistreating them. Babysitters need compliments from their bosses. Point out the negatives but do not let the negatives overshadow the positive. If you sense your babysitter is doing more harm than good, then do away with her, otherwise the entire rage will be turned on your child.
Considering the present day tasks and busy schedules parents have, there is definately need for baby sitters to mind our children but parents should not abandon their responsibilities entirely to them.Considerations for a good Babysitter
•    Must be in good shape and health.
•    Should not have a cold or any other contagious disease.
•    History of any chronic should be asked and checked where possible.
•    Be dependable & responsible.
•    Be able to protect the children at all times.
•    Be knowledgeable about children.
•    Know the basic techniques of feeding, dressing, bathing and playing with younger and older children.
•    Have and show love for children. Children are very sensitive to passion and can easily know whether you like them or not.
•    Maturity is principal for babysitters.
•    Should command discipline and authority without infringing on the child’s rights.
•    Should be in position to handle emergencies as opposed to panicking.
•    Baby sitters should be pleasant, and act well-mannered. H/She must respect the privacy of families.How to tell that your child is not happy with the babysitter
1    The babysitter lies to you or steals from you.
2    He or she does not answer questions about the daily routine.
3    When you find your child unsupervised.
4    When you find out your child is sick and the babysitter has not informed you.
5    The babysitter does not respond to your child.
6    Your child becomes moody or withdrawn or has problems eating or sleeping.
7    Your child suddenly starts crying when left with the babysitter.
8    When you simply have a bad feeling about the babysitter.

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