Child Care

Child Care

Child care providers and early childhood education supports parents in providing young children with a variety of stimulating and exciting opportunities to learn and develop to the best of their abilities.

Joining nursery/kindergarten is a transitional period for both the parent and the child. It is important for the managers of nurseries or kindergartens to understand this period. For example, continuous checks by the parents or dropping in any time should not be looked at as a problem to the school but rather as a way of helping the child settle in the school. Parents should be given opportunities to ask questions all the time, any time.

Prior to joining pre-school, children should be taught basics like greetings, saying thank you and many others. Simply speaking, talking and availing time for your child regularly is equally important and will make a very big difference in your child’s development. Spending time with your children will help you know them more; you do not need to be a child specialist to talk or listen to your child. It is through talking and understanding your child better that you will eventually discover their needs.
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