Cavendish University opens law facility

Cavendish University has inaugurated two state-of-the art facilities in the Acacia, Bukoto neighbourhood to accommodate law and health sciences students.

In the new restructuring initiative, the university has also started the refurbishment and expansion of its main campus on Ggaba Road to include a new computer laboratory which authorities say will improve the teaching and learning of business and science and technology students alike.

“We are confident that these strategic initiatives and infrastructure improvements will place Cavendish at the forefront of private education providers in Uganda, with exceptional academic offerings, state-of-the art facilities, and market-leading student services.” said Prof. Koi Tirima, Cavendish University Uganda’s Vice Chancellor.

In the same initiative, 60 lecturers have been relieved of their duties as the institution seeks to reduce the number of academic programs from 104 to 43.

“The right-sizing of our academic staff is a further improvement of the academic experience of all our students and a critical component of the transformation of Cavendish into a leading higher education institution,” Prof Tirima added.

The Executive Director of the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE), Prof. Opuda Asibo applauded the move saying that “rationalising academic programs in the interest of efficiency is important to attaining quality education standards.”

Authorities at the University expect this restructuring to be completed before the start of the new academic term.