Starting Primary school

Starting Primary School
Ideally children should start primary education at the age of 6.

How to prepare your child join primary school

• Start inquiring /looking for schools at least 12-18 months before your child is ready to start. Some primary schools are more popular than others and infant class sizes are limited to a maximum of 30 children to a qualified teacher.
• Obtain a school prospectus from schools themselves if they have one
• From the prospectus you should know the admission arrangements e.g. how to apply when and how interviews are taken.
• Visit the school to find out the fees and regulations and school rules such as dress code or visitations in case of boarding schools.
• Endeavour to visit the school on open days.

Finding out about a school
Before you decide where to apply, you should collect as much information as you can about the schools you are interested in. There are many different places to get this information, including school brochures, friends with children in the school, and the most important one of all is the school itself.

Visit the school
A lot of information can be obtained from touring the school and observing interactions between the children, and teachers. Check out the school resources and the children’s work. Ask about parent involvement. Does it seem to be a happy school where everyone is serious about learning? Is it suitable for your child?

Many schools hold class days where you can meet staff and see children’s work. You may also learn a lot if you visit the school on a normal school day, or if you attend sports days and music concerts.

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